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Berkley Powerbait Worms and Mice Tails for Trout Fishing

It’s one thing when one of us is using a particular bait, color, or scent to dial in on Mr. Trout.  Lately, me and my fishing buddies are all using Power Worms (PW) and Mice Tails to catch Mr. Trout with greater … Continue reading

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Velveeta Cheese for Bait. Weapon of Choice?

It’s rare when I don’t pack some Velveeta when I go trout fishing.  Why?  It’s one of my weapons of choice against Mr. Trout.  There have been times when Velveeta has outfished everything else in my tackle box.   I was … Continue reading

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Thinking about making your own Powerbait or Trout Bait?

I’ve made my own bait concoctions over the years as it’s sort of like making the next better mousetrap.  Why should it be so hard?  It’s just fish food and you can look up all kinds of recipes online.  Here’s … Continue reading

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