Corona Lake Fishing Report – November 2011

I thought I’d give you glimpse of an e-mail report between us fishermen that happen all the time.  In any strategic battle – information is key.   Here’s a real data stream from my long time fishing friend who is scouting out the trout battle field for the upcoming season…… Thank you Cedric!

“So I got the email yesterday that they stocked.  Once I got there I found out that they had planted more fish than they were posting. Last week they said they had planted trout. What they didn’t say was they had also stocked some Tailwalkers last week and that wasn’t posted. I found that out from one of the local float tube tubes fishing by me.

So with the wife gone for the weekend I was under no rush to get out early so I took the no pressure approach. Left around 6:00, got there a little before 7:00. 4 cars in front of me.

Went to the tackle shop…no line. Got some new bait and my boat and I was ready to go. It was nice and peaceful out on the water and that was worth it in itself. I expected it to be more crowded. The side by the damn was wall to wall cars but the south side had some openings. And the boat population wasn’t that big either.

So I went to some of the spots I remembered with Dennis. Camped out with the bugs figuring the fish had to be there. Tossed out the finder and the fish were traveling. Just not biting. So after 2.5 hours in one spot (Planned to leave at 12:00), I decided to troll and find a new spot. Nothing on the troll side but ended up over where a lot of floaties were and a couple bass boats. Fished toward the shore then changed outwards.

First cast at approx 10:15 to the deeper side. Line starts moving, so I do the no bale and be patient. When it started to go out more, i hooked it and started my 3 minute battle. This sucker was putting up a good fight but I had to be careful because I had just changed over to a 2lb leader. Finally tired it out (so I thought) and go it close to the boat. Reached down for my net. It pulled more line. Reeled it back in to the end of the 3 foot leader, put the net down under the fish. Had the fish in the net, the line snapped and the fish jumped out of the net and swam away. Not sure if it was a Tailwalker but this was not a fin clipped trout. I would say minimum 6lbs. It was thick. I was thinking of D’s comment on Friday about the catch and eat lunch scenario and I think I jinxed myself because I was looking at that fish and thinking lunch.

Still kicking myself in the butt. Oh Well…that’s fishing. Passed by SARL on the way back and it was spotty.  I’m guessing maybe 20 cars. So I know they can’t wait for the weather change.”

Fishing, November….It’s On
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  1. Thanks for applying time in order to write “Corona Lake Fishing Report – November 2011 | fishing thoughts”.

    Thanks a ton yet again -Frank

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