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Berkley Powerbait Worms and Mice Tails for Trout Fishing

It’s one thing when one of us is using a particular bait, color, or scent to dial in on Mr. Trout.  Lately, me and my fishing buddies are all using Power Worms (PW) and Mice Tails to catch Mr. Trout with greater … Continue reading

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Looking Inside the Trout’s Stomach

Yup, I’m a curious but practical trout fisherman.  So, I used to frequently dissect trout stomachs to find out what they are feeding on.  Remember when you took biology and thought it was a waste of time? After looking at … Continue reading

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Trout – Do they have a preference for water temperature or oxygenated water?

As the summer approaches I’m always thinking about how the warmer temperatures will affect trout fishing.  Rainbow trout are active in water temperatures around 59 degrees and like highly oxygenated water.  But what happens as the water becomes warmer as … Continue reading

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