Thinking about making your own Powerbait or Trout Bait?

I’ve made my own bait concoctions over the years as it’s sort of like making the next better mousetrap.  Why should it be so hard?  It’s just fish food and you can look up all kinds of recipes online.  Here’s my experience and thoughts about homemade trout bait.

For my ingredients I’ve tried Pillsbury biscuit dough, cocktail shrimp, fried bread, marshmallow, hot dogs, turkey, fish, butter, lard, cheese, cheese spreads, cooked flour dough, and anchovies.  Yup, you can ask my fishing friends as they still make fun of me to this day.  But, rightfully so as I have yet to catch anything with my latest concoctions.  I truly believe it’s just not having the right bait at the right time.  So, if you have the inkling to try to make the ‘bomb’ bait give it a shot.  It doesn’t take much time and it’s fun.

The easiest bait base is to use refrigerated biscuit dough as it saves a lot of time and it’s inexpensive.  You can thicken it up with a bit more flour or sugar.  Next, I will split my basic dough into a several tiny containers (I like KFC small sides containers) so I can have different colors or scents.   In each container I mix in my flavor choice (my last was freshwater ground fish flakes, ground dry cat food, cheese, and ground shrimp).   After this you can add food coloring.  Finally, you can finish it off with art glitter as an option.

So if you’re thinking about making your own trout bait you should give it a try.  After all, non-commercial trout baits such as marshmallow combos and velveeta cheese have caught me trout when everyone else is getting skunked.  You just never know.

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