Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) – Lake is Beginning to Warm

During the last weekend, Big D landed his first Lightning Trout and Cedric bagged a Nebraska Tailwalker Rainbow.   Santa Ana Rivers Lakes trout fishing season is just about over as the April temperatures are approaching the 90’s.  I went through historical fishing reports at SARL and by the early summer there is no mention of trout catches at all until October when the first trout plants begin depending on the temperature.

Why is that?  Well, the trout will become more lethargic as the temperatures rise and will seek the bottom in the coolest water until their mortality temperature of 75 is reached.  Then they become catfish food.

On the other hand, the catfish season is just beginning and their bite picks up as the water temperature increases into the 70’s and 80’s.   I don’t normally fish SARL in April as I’m thinking about the Eastern Sierra season opener.  I’ll hit up SARL once more with my friends for as Cedric says, “The Grand Finale”.   I think “Grand” is pushing it, but “Finale” is spot on.  We’ll see, but I’m planning on rigging one pole for catfish.

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