SARL Fishing Report – April 23, 2011

I got to Santa Ana Rivers Lake at 5 am to wait for the lake to open at 6 am.   Met Big D over at La Palma Point which is located on the back right hand corner of the lake where the water truck filling pipe is located.  

Power Mouse

Big D was already setting up his rods when I got to the spot.  I set up two poles up with my homemade powermouse using green powerbait and 1/2″ of a trout powerworm.  I cast one pole short out to 15′ and the other further out to 30′.

The short cast rig had a short 10″ leader with a tiny 1/16 oz sliding barrel sinker and size 18 treble hook.  Within an hour I had landed two trout on this setup.

Cedric and I started casting spinning lures as the bait bite went dead, but we could see trout occasionally jumping 10′ to 15′ from shore.  I started with a 502 Gold Super Duper, then switched to a Blade Runner.  Finally dropped down in size to a tiny rainbow Rooster Tail and caught my third trout.  After trying a few standard lures I find it helpful to switch to a smaller lure size for finicky trout.

The bite totally died down after 10:00 and we didn’t get any action for the rest of the day except for our Bolognese over thin spaghetti for lunch.  Then later I fried up a few pounds of chicken wings for us with a different types of Louisiana hot sauces.

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