Short Leader Lessons

While fishing at Convict Lake my friend was using a 2 lb 6″ inch leader and not catching any trout while the other two of us were getting loads of bites and catching fish.  I mentioned to my friend that he needs to use a longer leader.  He said “I’m fine” which to fellow fishermen means let me do it my way.  Finally after we (not short leader man) almost caught our limits he finally put on an 18″ leader, but the bite had finished.  So, he ended up getting no bites all morning long and was skunked for the day. Lesson learned?  Maybe.

My thoughts regarding the longer 18″ leader is that the bait can float above the rocks and weeds thus increasing visibility to the trout.  Also, being further away from the terminal tackle (sinker, swivel, etc.) it is a more stealthy approach for a wary trout.  Finally,  due to the longer leader would this would give the trout more time with the bait before feeling the sinker.

A few weeks ago my friend was using that damn 6″ leader at Santa Ana Rivers Lake and guess what?  He was getting the bites while me and my friend were getting nothing.  I switched over to the 6″ leader and quickly started to get action.  Well, I couldn’t believe that Mr. Trout would only hit on short leaders.  Short leaders can make as much of a difference in your fishing success as long leaders do.  Another tactic to try when nothing else seems to work.  Lesson learned.

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